VitaCare Toothpaste is the Best!

I LOVE THIS TOOTHPASTE! FAVORITE BRAND, it's so good. I have very sensitive teeth, and up until this point in time, I've been using Sensodyne. That shiz is NOT vegan, so now I can rest easy because I found VitaCare. It's easy on my teeth and gums! It's vegan! The flavors are fun and interesting! It has the JB endorsement.

I Saw Soko The Other Night at Bottom Of The Hill!

How exciting for me! I've seen Soko before, at SXSW. Something happened in the last two years, as she is a lot mellower, and her songs have a much sadder air about them. She's still a fun and charismatic performer! And guess what? She ate at Source for dinner that night, as I sent a tweet to her, recommending the place! But her phone got stolen at dinner (WTF?). When she was onstage, she talked about how upset she was that her phone, with her contacts, a documentary she was filming throughout the tour, and her show notes, got stolen at the restaurant she ate at. Little did I know at the time it was the one I worked at! I found out the next day; what a bummer! Never give your phone to the owner to charge, he'll put it in a public place on a busy Friday night, instead of behind the counter. Jeez. How embarrassing.
Anyway, here's the post I wrote the night before the show, on Vegansaurus, to try and rally the troops. I don't think it worked.

Oh yeah, when she told her story about the phone, some douche-canoe yelled "First World Problem". That saying itself is a first world problem and I want so badly for it to go away. It's diminishing and rude.

I love Tofu Pasta!

Read how I cook up tofu pasta here! It's my fave, as too much grain hurts my stomach. Over-processed soy products sure don't! Plus they are gluten-free with low carb and calorie counts. Marinara sauce is fun again!

Type-O blood. Not everyone believes that "Eat Right For Your Blood Type" stuff, but I do! Supposedly I should stay away from grains, (carbs in general -- potatoes, sugar, flour...), and be eating a very clean, high protein diet. Like meats, fruits and vegetables. But I don't eat meat, soooo, I have to adjust accordingly. The raw food diet makes me feel the best, but gawd damn it's intense and time consuming. (Excuses, excuses)

My Mom Had a Blog WAAAAY Before I Did.

She also had a Facebook account, iPhone and was texting before me. Know anyone interested in Stampin' Up? Send them to her!

Mama Bradley's Blog

Food For Lovers Vegan Queso

Just behold this queso, in all it's glory. I buy it at least once a week, and that is still not enough. Can't stop, won't stop. Plus, it's available at Whole Foods across the street from me.