The Last Supper

(I wrote this post a little while ago, after a night of debauchery. I'm not even sure it makes sense. Now the place might be staying open? Who knows? Kind of a bummer, but I'm not really into supporting this corporation anymore. The ethics of the people running the place are not so much in line with my own. I mean, you know I worked at Cafe Gratitude for awhile, right? I only mention it like 15 times in this post.)

Have you heard that Cafe Gratitude is closing? Perhaps you know that means MY FAVORITE RESTAURANT EVER (beside The Handlebar), GRACIAS MADRE, is DONE. My fave SF go-to eating palace is being sued bought out closing? Boo. Maybe you also know I used to work for Cafe Gratitude? We can divulge into feelings of loss later, probz on a post for Vegansaurus when I write the obituary, but until then...I give you, The Last Supper.

I remember when they first opened. In fact, I used to make desserts for them - raw lime coconut cheesecakes. I made raw desserts in the Central Kitchen and I got tips for it (one of the reasons they got sued). Then I jumped ship, cause Landmark didn't suit me (ever, like I couldn't have been more disinterested in doing it), and a whole bunch of other stuff that usually happens when people quit jobs (not the right fit anymore? I treat jobs like relationships and when it stops working, it really stops working.).

I sound like a terrible person. (Cafe Gratitude was a different place to work, much like my college experience at Humboldt State.) 

I finally ordered my greens and guacamole tacos! Because it's a cheapish meal at an expensive restaurant! (Let's not talk about the fact I got 3 beers okay? It was happy hour!) The guacamole comes with five house made tortillas! They are delicious!

So much green. So healthy. So many friends losing their jobs. I'm actually quite upset over this.

Guacamole and Kale TACO!

'Find Your Dog Twin' App!

This is my dog twin!

Read all about the free app here! It's so much fun!

Happy Anniversary!!

Hey, I missed my one year anniversary! Oops! I started this blog on Monday, February 21st, 2011! Things really started changing for me, for the better once I started this thing. I became a little less emo and lot more productive and inspired! Aww, so cheesy, but so true! Thank you for reading!

Reno is Hard on the Body

I drank this the night I got home from Reno. (I had gone on another family vacay with my roommates.)

The trip was hard on our bodies, but we prevailed. Read about our adventure GETTING THERE, here. Eating was not so great in Reno for me, so I've been gorging out for two weeks to make up for the two days I had slim pickings. That's just how it works!

Contagion Has Been Happening in SF and I've Stayed Healthy

I'm about to share some sacred information with you. Listen, everyone has been getting sick in San Francisco this last month. A school and a hotel got shut down! People called in sick all over the place!
But I stayed healthy. Tip top shape. I was stressed, I traveled three weeks in a row, I didn't get as much sleep as I should, I went out with friends...
Basically, I should have gotten sick. But I didn't! Is it a miracle or did I find the secret, sacred combination of NOT getting sick? Even when everyone around me has (roommates, coworkers, friends...).

Kombucha, coconut water, wheatgrass shots, and cake vodka. Red wine too.
Got it? Everyday, have either kombucha, coconut water or wheat grass shots. Maybe all three. But at least one of those EVERYDAY. Vodka will help kill viruses. Trust me. I'm practically a doctor at this point.

I also call this my hangover kit.

Wheatgrass. I get my fix at Jamba Juice.

All Vegan and ALL Awesome

Just another day at work.

xoxo, jb

I Have a Brunch Item Named After Me

For REAL! I came up with it. Spinach, onions, garlic, mushrooms, tofu scramble, avocado and vegan cheese (of course it's available with regular cheese too! But go vegan!)

Available at Source. Source was recently named one of the top 5 brunch spots in San Francisco, by NOT vegetarian brunch, but brunch in general! This is very exciting news!

LA in Pictures

I can't wait to go back to LA. Not gonna lie, I'm entertaining the idea of moving down there.

The Airport. I was totally looking forward to eating at The Plant Cafe in Terminal 2 (Virgin America!)

Thai Tofu Peanut Wrap

On the plane (HEALTHY VODKA?? I think so.) :

Motel :

 The Fridge

Late night dinner, after seeing my pal Johnny Render perform at TAIX. The best burrito of my life. MY LIFE! Burrito King, I shall see you again soon!

Pressed Juicery (Here's a little post on Vegansaurus that I wrote about it.)

 Mohawk Bend :

 Buffalo Cauliflower and Wilted Kale Salad

PETA Headquarters (right next to my motel!)

My motel was in Echo Park, right by the Peta Headquarters.

Echo Park/Silverlake at Sunset :

Flore Cafe in Silverlake:
  Portobella Mushroom Tacos

BBQ 'Bacon' Slider

BABYCAKES! This was super exciting for me because I use the cookbook at work. The gluten free chocolate snoballs at Source are adapted from the Healthy Hostess recipe!

Red Velvet cake top and Hostess cupcake. 

In all honesty, I was a little disappointed with the Hostess. Actually, both. The frostings were amazing, but the cake was a little dry. I am hoping this is because they were stored in a fridge (cake in a fridge? WHY?) and therefore not at room temperature. Maybe they were old? I wasn't really into the downtown location and will try the other LA venue next time. I have had Babycakes before, when a friend drove some cupcakes up from LA and I JUST LOVED THEM. So, yeah, kinda disappointed this time around.

Half of these pics are taken with Instagram. I just got my very first iPhone, so I'm Instagramming my way through life! Follow me at jennybradleyyo.

Greetings From LA Part Deux!

I got back to my motel room, drank some Budweiser, wrote the previous blog post, went to Mohawk Bend (across the street from my motel in Echo Park) and then met some friends at Rainbow Bar and Grill in West Hollywood. The night ended with me barfing out of a car because I like to keep it elegant on my adventures.

Buffalo cauliflower bites and a wilted kale salad at Mohawk Bend. Plus a beer and my new iPhone. All I need in life.

 My ex got his bike back the next morning, we continued to fight, I remembered every single reason we broke up, he hung around all day, we went to Babycakes, we were getting along okay, then he forgot his backpack (with his phone in it!) on the bus. Typical. I hate to say this, but right now I feel like if I never saw him again, that would probably be okay. My trip wasn't awful, but I'm definitely not ringing him up next time I go to LA. I'm still angry, even though like, two weeks have passed.

This is my emo version of the trip. Just wanted to give you a brief recap of what went down the next day, as I know you've been waiting with bated breath. I also ate some great tacos and took some awesome pics down there. But I haven't wanted to look at a computer screen in two weeks, as I've been exhausted from my jet-setting ways (Chicago, LA and then RENO last week!). Next post -- Babycakes, Flore Cafe and Burrito King! Then -- how to survive in Reno if you are vegan (it's NOT easy).

Greetings From LA!

I'm down south and it's just wonderful. Well, except for the yelling match I just got into with my ex in West Hollywood, but that's for a different day! How he's going to pick up his phone and bike from my motel room - I just don't know how this will turn out. Honestly, most of the time we are friends. Maybe I did just ditch him and hopped on a bus and he has no way to get ahold of me or his stuff, but really, nobody calls me 'a sideshow that they are just watching' because I got mad about some other stuff that I won't go into detail with. Whatever, he's from LA, he'll figure it out. I'm not a monster. Usually.
Though I can't help but feel like the earlier part of this day was a little over-dramatic, I did get to go to Pressed Juicery! I came down here to see my friend Jensen Rufe perform a show at TAIX, now time for Babycakes and Pressed Juicery. Two out of three items accomplished. Babycakes tomorrow? We'll see.

I'm saving the beet one, but I did have greens 3. I loved it. Raw, organic veggie juice - love, love, love!

I happen to be staying in Echo Park, right next to the PETA headquarters.

My friend Britney introduced me to this song about a week ago. Everyone loves it! I do too. I've been listening to it a lot on my trip, but just cause the video is kinda rad. Believe it or not, I've never had a breakup so bad, someone changes their number. Maybe?

Talking Boys with JB!

Along with many questions I get asked by both omnivores and vegetarians alike, is the "Would you date a MEAT EATER?" one. And my answer is yes. Some people (mostly the vegetarians) are shocked. Here's my reasoning:

Paul McCartney was introduced to vegetarianism by his wife, Linda in 1975. The guy is a major crusader for animal rights and has been a vegetarian since 1975? Mad props.

My (Chicago-based) ex was vegan when we started dating, 5 years ago. I wasn't vegetarian and I certainly wasn't vegan. Hanging out with him introduced me to a plant based diet. I am so thankful to him for that.

I understand diet and animal rights being a fundamental part of who you are, and not wanting to compromise that. But I also know that humans have the capacity to transform and change. Besides, my cat totally eats meat and she's like, my LIFE PARTNER. I just don't feel this whole 'people who eat meat are bad' thing. What I've taken on is a personal choice, obviously one that is important to me, and not everyone is there yet. Not everyone is going to take it on. But if I can help lessen the consumption of meat by just doing me (throwing vegan potlucks, cooking for everyone I know, being awesome all the time) then I can sleep tight. I'm open to people. Have any single friends?!

Paul McCartney and a big ol' dog.
Indie, helping me work. She so has chicken breath, ALL THE TIME!

Rachel Ray Joins Forces with Katherine Heigl and I Go On Too Many Tangents

I wrote this post last night when I was really tired (and possibly jet lagged plus I may have eaten a 'brownie'). I sent it in to Vegansaurus, knowing full well it might not get used, which is not my style but...jet lag?
Somehow they made it work! (My original title did in fact get used, which surprised me.) Here's the original:

Hey! I don't know if you follow me on twitter, but you should! I think I'm hilarious and also, I have no filter, so you'll always get some TMI! We all like that, right? RIGHT? Well, if you follow Vegansaurus, you may have recently seen the retweet in which I refer to myself as a vegan Rachel Ray, only emo and introverted! Look, I'm going to be honest here -- I really love Rachel Ray. If I had cable, I'd watch '30 Minute Meals'. When I have extra $$ on me, I buy her magazine. HER RECIPES ARE SO EASY TO VEGANIZE! And they are quick! I know you all want to make a fast dinner during the work week! Stop hating and start veganizing her simple, yet tasty and creative, recipes! Plus, she didn't go to culinary school and neither did I! No pretension here*!

Anyway, on to something that has to do with animals. Rachel Ray has teamed up with Kathrine Heigl to save some dogs! Let's not talk about how I feel about Kathrine Heigl, okay? (Let's just say that I love Grey's Anatomy and cry to it every week. Who needs Adele**, when I can just watch doctors be all sexy and also tug on my heartstrings on a weekly basis?!)
Animals, right. Okay. On her recent show, Rachel Ray donated $150,000 dollars to Katherine Heigl's animal charity, the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation. It's all about raising awareness about spaying and neutering dogs! Which reminds me of the only PETA poster I ever loved (and even owned, but sadly lost in some move between apartments in Chicago).

Not Rachel or Katherine, but instead: Chan Marshall! Not wearing feather earrings! Also telling you to spay and neuter your pet!

*Cause stereotypically, culinary/pastry school graduates are completely kind of pretentious.

**Lying. Totally listen to Adele constantly.