Vegan Seafood - Give It ALL to Me!

Recently I came across a tweet by a famous vegan who is disgusted by the word "seafood" and prefers the term "ocean life". I get it, but if I continue to say "vegan seafood", we all know what I'm talking about right?

I tried these vegan crab cakes by Sophie's Kitchen recently and absolutely loved them. You can read my review HERE


That's right, friends. MORE JUICE! Read all about it here -- I covered this hard-hitting story on Vegansaurus!

Buyer's Best Friend is my Jam!

Buyer's Best Friend Wholesale and Mercantile in the Upper Haight was my first stop for Christmas Presents! Read all about it here!

No shame, no shame!

I bought four packages of these on Christmas Eve. Yes, I gave two of them away, but I thought it was worth mentioning. See you next year, Candy Cane Joe-Joe's!

Christmas Dinner!

I know you're super curious about what I ate, right? HERE IT IS, in all it's glory. I had a Gardien roast (REAL TALK GUYS - I like the cutlets better), carrots topped with Earth Balance, salt and pepper, a roll also topped with Earth Balance and my family's stuffing! DELICIOUS.

I can't wait for the 'turkey' sandwiches today!

For dessert I made the "Old Fashioned Coconut Pie" from Cookin' Crunk! I love this pie.

Instead of adding Earth Balance, as the recipe calls for, I tried it with virgin coconut oil this time. I was impressed! If you have some on hand, I suggest melting it down first, as I spend a lot of time trying to break it down with the hand mixer at room temperature.
Though my family did have a few slices, I ate most of the missing half.
It's lightly effervescent, JUST LIKE ME! xoxo

Happy 25th of December - I Made a Video!

I made my first vlog! When I say I'm a wreck, it's because I'm nervous. Awkward in front of a camera, awkward in life.

I recorded it on an iPod, I hope you don't get motion sickness.

A couple of things I forgot to mention - it's December and I'm wearing a tank top because California is the best state, NO QUESTION, and I've made the coconut pie a couple times; it's phenomenal!

Makin' Dinner with "Vegan Soul Kitchen"

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been awhile - I've been facing the most intense creative block, which means I've been sitting around watching movies, sleeping, hanging out in establishments with low lights and a tipsy clientele, eating out way too much on account of not feeling inspired in the slightest, and my all-time-fave - TRAVELING! It's been quite a year of boarding airplanes and seeing friends, eating the cuisine of such vegan paradises including Vegas, LA, Chicago, and the Pacific Northwest. This year, I hope to hit up the south - eat my way through Austin Texas, party on through New Orleans down to Athens, Georgia, to end up on a beach in Florida. That is a trip I've been planning for years and years; maybe the next 12 months will see it happen?

But this blog is not about travel plans, it's about eatin' and cookin'! So let's get to it!

I have owned Vegan Soul Kitchen, by Bryant Terry, for about two years now, without making a single thing! I have loved reading through that cookbook - it's just beautiful, but for some reason have not felt the inspiration to make his concoctions. That is, until a couple months ago. I was quite pleased with the results! Let's check it out.

Sorry all the pics are taken with my phone, and therefore may be Instagrammed out. I've been the most obnoxious dweeb this last year AKA the year I finally bought myself a smartphone. (INTERNET ALL THE TIME! I'VE ONLY EMBARRASSED MYSELF 90% OF THIS LAST YEAR ONLINE.)

First we have some garlic and white wine-braised brussels sprouts. Now, I never ate Brussels sprouts growing up because my mom is NOT a fan. But I'm into them. They can be hard to digest, so I don't indulge all the time, but these little cabbages sure are a delectable little treat. Terry's version are incredibly tender and rich, definitely a "must- make".

Next up we have his Sweet Coconut Ginger Creamed corn. Coconut creamed corn -- who would've thought? So creative! I did really like this dish, but I would change the spice mix in the future to be geared more towards my white-girl-California palette. They are very Carribean-esque, with the all-spice; I'd probably just tone that down while working to make it a little more savory, less sweet.

AND NOW -- the Smothered Seitan Medallions with Mushroom Gravy (vegan pork chops)! I made my seitan from scratch (obvi), and then dived into this recipe head-first. I was unsure about adding both cabbage and jalapeno, but let me tell you - PERFECTION. This recipe ended up being a little time intensive, but well worth the effort. I can't wait to make it for a group of friends because I am a huge show-off. 

 I feel like it is necessary to tell you I did take many short-cuts with these recipes, as I did not make all the different stocks he calls for. I think I used boxed veggie stock and made my own with sauteed onions, garlic, salt, pepper and bullion. It was quite a while ago that I made this feast for myself, and I miss it now.


Ani's Raw Food Kitchen and the Babycakes recipe-book are at work.

Happy Halloween! Here's what I was going on about last year on this day - how-to melt Follow Your Heart soy Mozzarella! Oh, how the time flies! 


My FAVORITE Vegan Celebrities!

LA Weekly just came out with a list of their favorite top 10 vegan celebrities. This got me thinking, "I love celebrities! Why should LA Weekly have all the fun?" So, speaking on behalf of all the Vegansaurs, I made a top 15 list, in which I actually posted about 17 celebrities! That's how I do me.

Some people love it, some people hate it (And have not hurt my feelings on tumblr. I am better than this. WHY DO THEY TAKE THE FUN OUT OF EVERYTHING. I'm letting it go.) but I'm stoked with it! Man, it took me a week to do. Halfway through, I thought about scrapping the whole thing because it was quite tedious. Now that it's finished, I'm so proud! And when the haters are hating, I say "Calm down, it's just a celebrity list", but really I'm thinking "F@#K you".

Let's be real. The inspiration from this list also came from the fact I spent weeks earnestly contemplating how I could combine my two loves: vegan blogging and No Doubt.

See the list HERE!

Vegan Bloggers become IRL Friends, SO EXCITING

Melissa of Food and Loathing came into Source! Later we met up at Bender's and I ended up doing karaoke for the first time. It was all pretty epic.

Read her post about Source HERE!

[Photo via]

New Pop-Up in SF and it's JUICE!


Check out SōW at Pause Wine Bar on Mondays and Saturdays! Read my review at Vegansaurus here!

Herbivore Gets a Bad Rap, and Maybe It's for a Reason

Herbivore: People either love it, or they love to hate on it, but still eat there. I don't know where I stand. It took me a long time to go out to eat there, because why would I spend my hard-earned dollars on a vegan restaurant so many people feel "meh" about?

However, the day finally arrived and I ate dinner at Herbivore. I liked it! I got the Chicken Shwarma wrap, because that is what everyone told me was the finest item on the menu. Delicious!

Looking good, Shwarma Wrap! Real good!

Dang Chicken Shwarma Wrap, I think I love you!

AND THEN THERE WAS DESSERT! I'm not a huge dessert fan, but I am a THE biggest blueberry pie fan in the world. Except for maybe my dad -- it runs in the family! So of course I ordered it. Hey, blueberry pie can be hard to find, especially a vegan version.
I left Herbivore pretty stoked. BUT THEN, I went back a couple months later. The wrap was lacking and the customer service was horrendous. We actually started taking dollars out of the tip pile as we waited for our waitress to come back to our table. I know that's awful - I work in the restaurant industry! Seriously, though, the service was that bad.

I'd go back to Herbivore, but I wouldn't be the one to suggest it. I'm glad it's there, and I'm grateful it's completely vegan, but I do not like to be disappointed when shelling out to eat out. So go at your own risk!

They do have fresh vegetable juices that I'm interested in trying! Oh yes, and I went to the same Herbivore both times -- the one on Divisadero.

Flaco's in Berkeley! Let's Binge Eat!

I'm a walking cliche. I live in San Francisco, therefore I mumble and grumble about trips over the Bay. Going down to Redwood City, which takes 50 minutes on Caltrain? NOT A PROBLEM. Going all the way over to Pittsburg/Bay Point, on BART, which also takes about 50 minutes, for a family weekend? NOT A PROBLEM. A measly 20 minute ride to get to Berkeley or Oakland on BART? FML.

That is, until Flaco's came up on my radar. Now you can't keep me from the East Bay.

These are the soyrizo soft tacos, with some taquitos in the background. You should also know that the corn tortillas are house-made! Beware though, the spicy salsa is one of the spiciest sauces I have ever had. I like spicy! I love it! But a few bites into this meal, I was in panic-mode, with tears in my eyes. I ate it all of course, because that's how I do me, but since that episode, I've stuck to the mild. Even the half-mild, half-spicy sauce BURNS.

Let's go! It's right across the street from Ashby BART, close to my new favorite bar, The Starry Plough, and you can even make a trip to Cinnaholic while you're out there. I recommend walking the mile or so over, because those cinnamon rolls are intense.

This is Aimee. She used to be my co-worker, but now she works at Cinnaholic. I miss her terribly, but look how happy she is! (Follow this cutie-pie on Instagram at Aimeekatherine).

This is a Cinnaholic cinnamon roll. It is topped with caramel-macadamia nut frosting, coconut and chocolate chips. Go big or go home, right? RIGHT!


If you have ever hashtagged anything as vegan on Instagram, chances are Sean (huggy29) has not only liked your photo, but commented on it as well. This guy knows his vegan food, and because of that, it seems he knows every vegan in town! Now’s our chance return the favor, and we get to rock out at the same time! Sean’s Guns and Roses tribute band The Rocket Queens, are playing tonight (October 17th) at the Elbo Room in San Francisco, and he’s gonna don pleather pants! I’ll definitely be there, with all my closest lady friends. 

That’s Sean in the back, with the pleather vest and sunglasses, pointing at YOU!

Are you getting pumped? I am! I’ll see you there!

The Elbo Room is located in the Mission, at 647 Valencia Street and the show starts at 10p.m. I think it also might be important to let you know that The Rocket Queens are a “Appetite For Destruction ONLY” tribute band, a fact is totally lost on me because I like folky-indie-emo music, which Sean makes fun of me mercilessly for. 

Sean is the only vegan in the band, but don’t let that deter you from not going! The entire band wears only pleather, and want you to know they “are fresh from de-tox and plan to rock you back to 1987. If you got pants as rubbery as a bad batch of seitan, bring ‘em to the Elbo Room in San Francisco!”

Like Every Excuse You've Heard, I Too Have Given Up Juicing.

It was fun for a week or so. I joined a gym 3 days ago, so there's that.

This post is kind of ridic, but I just read over my juicing post, and I had to laugh at my high hopes and inspirations about giving up coffee, gluten and actually juicing at home on the reg. It's good to have hopes and dreams though, right? ;)

Manic Panic is VEGAN!

I thought you might want to know, in case you decide to dye your hair cotton candy pink before one of your oldest friend's wedding. Maybe I decided to dye my hair pink as a throwback to Return of Saturn, me being 31 and all. Maybe.
Maybe the pink hair will inspire you to swallow your fear and get up and speak at the open mic segment of your buddy's wedding. Maybe.

Aren't fan-made youtube videos THE BEST? Hahahahaha.

Source is on Check, Please Bay Area!

The same day in June that I received the Healthy Surprise box to review, a film crew came to Source and taped us for Check, Please Bay Area!

I think you can catch a glimpse of me (my blonde head bobbing, at least). More importantly, you can hear them talk about my desserts! Unfortunately, I do not make the chocolate parfait, but I do make the Twinkees! How they are described as "not too sweet" is beyond me.

This is my second appearance on Check, Please Bay Area. I was also caught at Patxi's, stuffing my face. I'm a brunette in this one -- a regular secret agent!

Healthy Surprise Snack Box!

I would appreciate a subscription to this box, thanks. It's like a CSA box for snackers! It's amazing!

Read my review over at Vegansaurus, HERE!

Soy Curls and Vegan Mini-Malls

I just got back from Portland and Seattle! What fun. I'm tired, though. I had to do all the vegan things those cities have to offer, which is actually kinda impossible. BUT! I did go to the Vegan Mini-Mall in Portland. Herbivore Clothing Company, Sweet Pea Bakery and Food Fight Grocery are there. So is a vegan tattoo parlor, which I know nothing about.

Here are the goods I came back with!

This is my first experience with Soy Curls. I've always heard great things, and I was hoping you could send some ideas my way!

As usual, follow me on Instagram at jennybradleyyo. :)


Look at the cookbook I received to review for Vegansaurus! I'm so excited. I love Bianca's blog, and actually used it once as an eating guide in Memphis! REMEMBER THAT? I was on my way to SXSW, back in my glory days. Actually, at time I was sick as a dog and also very depressed, but EVERYTHING HAS TURNED AROUND! I'm the epitome of health (ahhahahahahahahahaha) and not depressed (always a good thing!).

Anyway. Super stoked. Can't wait til payday so I can make EVERYTHING in here!
(Specifically the Tofu Ham with Redeye Gravy!)

Join The Navitas Naturals "SMOOTHMENT"

It's a smoothie movement! I don't do smoothies myself, but I know a lot of hippies who do. I prefer my blended drinks at a Tiki Bar, but hey, to each their own.

Are you into Smoothies? Read my post, co-written with my pal Caroline (that's her smoothie, pictured above) on Vegansaurus! Or skip the middleWOmen and head right on over to the Natvitas Naturals Smoothment page for videos, tips and recipes! Fun.

Like Every Obnoxious Hippie You Know, I Too Have Started Juicing

But I'm not on a juice fast! Though I am on a cleanse of sorts. I've drastically cut down on sugar and gluten, and I've had no coffee for a week. It's been good. I've been drinking Yerba Mate in the mornings, which has helped with um, the constipation that can come with cutting out the glorious beverage known as coffee. I think the juice helps too. My poo has taken on a green tint this last week.

Yerba Mate and green juice, for afternoon brain fuel. This juice contained purple kale, beets, celery, cucumber and ginger.

I was prompted to juice last week, after having a Healthy at the Santa Cruz Cafe Gratitude. I was super partied out, maybe even incredibly hung over. I had a hard time eating my breakfast at Saturn Cafe. A real hard time. And oh boy, the snark was flowing. I was not myself, and trying to get excited for a day of Boardwalk fun was a seemingly impossible feat. Ouch.
The Boardwalk, the night before. The location where said hang-over was a future ailment. We went to see Eddie Money perform, as that was Britney's 24th birthday wish this year.

I stopped by Cafe Gratitude with my friend Kevin, to drop off some Source desserts to my pal Miguel. I would have liked to eat breakfast at Cafe Gratitude, but alas, I was with a large group and sometimes expensive raw food doesn't bode with everyone. Plus, I had no idea where it was and in no mood to look it up and direct people. Saturn Cafe was down the street from our lovely motel.

The view from our motel window. I don't think the Budget Inn deserves the bad rap it gets on Yelp. I rather liked it. It's cheap and less than a mile from the Boardwalk, what do people expect?

Vegan tofu rancheros at Saturn Cafe. Though I'd never had brekkie there, I left feeling the same as I always do leaving Saturn -- meh. They actually hit the spot as leftovers, after a few hours at the Boardwalk, when I was STARVING.

ANYWAY. I got my juice. And after a few sips, the hangover started to subside! Now, it's not the first time I've had a Cafe Gratitude Healthy juice. I used to work in the Central Kitchen of Scandal, and I drank those babies by the gallon. It's just been awhile. I forgot. Plus, I work at Source now and I get to drink the Super 8 all the time, which has beets, kale, apples, parsley, carrots, ginger, cucumber, and celery! Juicing at home?! TOO TIME CONSUMING.

The aforementioned Healthy and a slice of raw chocolate hazelnut pie because raw desserts are basically health food.

But, now I'm 31. And I want to start taking better care of myself. I WANT TO LOOK AS YOUNG AS POSSIBLE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Okay?! It's a vanity case! What you look like on the outside is a reflection of what's going on inside, and maybe it's time to leave the debauchery of my 20's behind. (Gawd, did I just type that? BORING.)

So I started juicing. I gave up some stuff this week. I don't know how long this self-imposed detox will last (til I lose 10 pounds and start sparkling), hopefully a few months. FINE, the truth is, I'm going to a wedding near Seattle in October, where I'm looking forward to seeing some old college friends, and from there I'm heading to Portland to see a bestie, who may or may not happen to be an old ex. There will be so many pictures and I've been looking so puffy and tired lately. That cannot be happening. Not at 31.
Rachel and I at the Rush Inn, near Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz. I could look a little less tired, a little more "bright".

Me and Britney, also at the Rush Inn. I guess it was the time of night that duck face happens? Oops.

Juicing is great! It can be tough to get used to the flavor, but once you get past that hurdle, welcome to the land of nutrients! When you drink home-made or cold-pressed, raw vegetable juice, your body absorbs the vitamins and enzymes of all the vegetables, without having to work at digesting all the fiber. For instance, when I put 3 beets, 7 celery stalks, a bunch of kale, and apple and some ginger into the blender to make juice, I get all the nutrients in a few glasses! There is no way I'd be able to eat that much in one sitting (unless it was cooked down, but the point is that it is raw)!

Juicing at my parent's house! Kale, spinach, an apple, cucumber, celery and ginger. My mom was not so sure about all this.

I've been detoxing a little this week. I was fine for about four days, bright and full of energy, but at about day five things got a little "detoxy". Unfortunately my mom had to deal with the symptoms of it over this weekend -- the tiredness, the crankiness, the moodiness accompanied with getting used to a new diet plan, not to mention my own anguish over breaking out. ALL PART OF THE PROCESS. I feel great, lighter, and my detox symptoms are pretty slight, but there nonetheless. The parts of my skin that I usually have the most problems with have cleared up, while obnoxious zits are popping up in places I don't ever get them. No one said having toxins leave your body was easy. I would also like to not that I never once said I gave up wine. Beer and liquor yes, but not the white wine.

Maybe I should start another blog post to talk about my juicing method, but whatevs. I never write long posts anymore.

All I do is blend my vegetables in the Vita-Mix, with just enough water that the vegetables will pulverize. Then I strain them through a nut-milk bag. That's it. Add more water if necessary to dilute the taste. I fill up about a pitcher, and drink it for 3 days. Usually kale needs to be blended by itself; it's the toughest to break down. A juicer would probably be better, but I have neither the funds nor the kitchen space for another appliance.

My first juice contained kale, cucumber and ginger. I loved it!



I used to buy a sack of oysters, throw them on the BBQ, wait til the shells popped open and call it a day. Don't even get me started on how much I loved scallops. Oh, how my life has changed.

Sea Cake from Real Food Daily

 Now vegan seafood is becoming a thing! I'm thrilled! Read my post about it at Vegansaurus!

Make Broccoli with Nacheez Sauce, TONIGHT!

I Joined Pinterest

I JOINED PINTEREST! So if you want to see what my wedding would look like, go meet me over there. Just kidding! I'm not planning my wedding (at least not on Pinterest); you should have a significant other to do that kind of thing right? I haven't given any thought to who would cater it, what kind of cake I'd have, the dress, my bridesmaids or color schemes. Never. Definitely not every single waking second of my life.

After what has felt like years of denying that I would be the type of person to find delight in Pinterest, I gave in. Two things happened, within days of each other - two events in which all signs pointed to yes. First, I was hanging out with some peeps at Flaco's in Berkeley, when my girl Ilsa started describing Pinterest. She talked about the pitfalls of the app, and how when it came down to it, Pinterest is simply pictures. YOU JUST LOOK AT PICTURES ON THE INTERNET. I love doing that. I search things on google just to look at the images (Gwen Stefani, Cat Power, Zooey Deschanel, retro owls, and California poppies). So, I get to look at the pictures I'm already gazing at for hours, and put them all in one place? Interesting.

The second thing that happened was that I bought the newest issue of Bust Magazine. One of the articles -- "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Join Pinterest". I signed up on my next day off.

So, I haven't yet made a board for my wedding (because that would be soooo pathetic and desperate, totally unlike my usual behavior) but I have designed my future house and kitchen! Maybe there was a shopping spree at Target yesterday, which was Pinterest fueled. Now that I have my thoughts about decorating and color schemes organized, I must make it a reality.

It's the beginning.

Vegans Need Ice Cream Sandwiches!

RIGHT?! Right. So now we (I) make them at Source! They are filled with the luscious Genuto gelato, and come in pistachio, vanilla, chocolate hazelnut, and crystallized ginger! Nut-based gelato, between two cookies (chocolate chip and plain!), what more could you ask for? Actually, probably a lot more, but I'm only one person here!

Next time you're in the neighborhood, pop on in and get one! Don't forget to say hi!

Pictured is the vanilla gelato and chocolate chip cookie sandwich! Being a Bay Area native, I just really am trying to make a vegan It's It here. Next step, oatmeal cookies!

Black Salt Will Make Your Tofu Taste Like Eggs

It's true! It's my new favorite ingredient! Make sure you get Indian black salt, which is pink, instead of say, Hawaiian black salt, which is actually black. The Indian black salt can be found online or in Indian specialty/grocery stores. I got mine at Bombay Bazaar, next to Rainbow Grocery in the Mission District, San Francisco.

Black salt smells and tastes like sulfur. Maybe that sounds off-putting? It's really good when added to tofu, I swear! Add a little to your tofu scramble this weekend, you'll love it. Or try this recipe!

Weird Fish, Round Two

So, I went back to Weird Fish last week, with some friends and co-workers. Hey, you mention vegan fish and chips to plant-eaters, and there is a level of excitement that goes around that is off the charts. Though I did want the deep fried seitan nuggets of pure, unadulterated joy, I decided it was important to try something else on the menu.

Tofu and veggie tostada it was! OMG DELICIOUS. The mole sauce was perfection. I also ordered a side of the chili-garlic broccoli rabe. A little on the bitter side, but I was into it. Weird Fish might be my favorite restaurant in San Francisco right now.

Get Yourself an Over Thermometer!

Seriously, get one. They are inexpensive and such a useful tool if you bake at home. I use them at work all the time! SO TAKE IT FROM A PROFESH BAKER, get yourself one! Ovens have a tendancy to become uncalibrated*, and who needs to burn their meal/dessert/delectable food item, because the oven temperature is off? NOT YOU.

*Fancy talk, meaning the oven temperature is not what you actually set it at/heating up at whatever temperature it wants to/is off.

I May Be Alone Here, But I Really Like Rachael Ray

Okay, so Rachael Ray is a little on the gabby side, and a lot of her recipes are based around meat. BUT! If you can look past that, there is plethora of ideas inside of just one issue of her magazine! Her recipes are quick, simple and easy to veganize! If she calls for chicken, you can very easily use seitan (though I haven't yet, but I keep meaning to!). I once made the most amazing tropical bread pudding from one of her guest recipes, using cashew cream and coconut milk for the dairy counterparts.

This is the issue on stands now! I'm very inspired by it, and I can't wait to get home and make some of the pasta sauces and cocktails. Plus, she gives a shout-out to North Beach in my home-base of San Francisco!

I love people who are naturally bubbly. It's taken me 31 years to cultivate a "natural" effervescence, because what I usually want to do is be a wallflower. Let's not get started on how easily I blush. SHYNESS IS REAL, AND OMG, KIND OF THE WORST.

On that note, people always want to tell me they can't cook. At 23 I was making stirfry with frozen chicken breasts, frozen veggies, and calling it a day. Easy. Not vegan, obvi, but where I started. In the meantime, I poured over cookbooks. I read the intros, the outros and all the tips inbetween. When I got into veganism, I did the same thing. That's how I learned. I don't think I was born with this ability, I just spent all my free time teaching myself how to do it! To learn what flavors go together, what the vocabulary means. And I never stop learning. (Which means everyone else can do it too! Or not, some people can do math and I only understood fractions once I started baking.)

And then on that note, I don't like watching cooking shows (I just think they are so boring), but I really love Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals. I always learn new tips and new flavor combos, yo. Plus, how could anyone not like her traveling show, $40 a Day? (SHE ALWAYS FINDS A WAY TO SAVE MONEY FOR A FANCY COCKTAIL!) The talk show, okay, I can't do that one.

Staycation! Weird Fish in San Francisco!

Vegan fish and chips? YES PLEASE. I'm Team Weird Fish! I wasn't for a while, but we've worked things out. Huge sigh of relief, I know.

Read all about it here.