Support the Arts! (Support the hippies making art!)

Hey everyone! So, I'm not a big fan of Kickstarter, which I totally make a fuss about on Twitter every now and then (or at the bar, while rolling my eyes). However, every once in a while a project will come along by people who inspire me, who I like to contribute my hard-earned dollars for. My pal Alex Eaves is one of them. He's the creator of Stay Vocal, a brand which I admire and actually have a few items (my fave tote bag) from. Alex is trying to fund a documentary and a quick post seemed like the right avenue to get the word out. Unfortunately the words are not coming out of me; I'm so out of practice lately with the writing, JEEZ.

It'd be awesome if you could help him out. The minimum pledge is a dollar!  Learn more here, at his official Kickstarter site. 

"Crab" Tacos!

Remember how much I love Sophie's Kitchen Vegan Crab Cakes? Last week I made crab tacos! Delicious!

First I baked the crab cakes, then I heated up the tortillas while melting strips of the Daiya Monterey jack wedge in them, and I added a mix of cilantro, lime, white onion, salt and green onion! Oh yes, and Tapatio - always Tapatio. I like to think of these as fish tacos, street style! (The cheese was a little bit overpowering for the mildness of the crab cakes, so I'll forget that next time.)

My Cat Likes to Eat Kale

Have I introduced you to Indie Rock Bradley before? She is the love of my life, and we've been together  about 10.5 years (since she was a wee little baby). We like many of the same things, including eating, sleeping, sunshine and watching TV in bed. We also love our leafy greens! I don't know what it is about this cat, but when I bring home groceries, she finds the spinach and/or kale and starts munching away. It's preeeetttty cute, but I also need to remember to hide my groceries from her when I get home and immediately put them away (no snacks, no drinks, no turning my back on the situation).

Sometimes she even helps me out with my blogging and email-checking! 

Texts My Friends Send Me: Pressed Juicery is Now Open!

I'm so excited! I will definitely be heading over there sometime this week. Tomorrow however, I have plans to hit up Sow. My energy levels for the past few weeks have been at an all time low, and I think some healthy green juice is just the medicine I need! 

Text and photo via Britney Roque

Eggless Tofu Salad!

Do you miss egg salad sandwiches? I sure did, until I came up with this recipe! Basically I like anything that requires a lot of Vegenaise, because I'm disgusting. Enjoy Pee-Wee Herman's "favorite" sandwich, veganized!