Support the Arts! (Support the hippies making art!)

Hey everyone! So, I'm not a big fan of Kickstarter, which I totally make a fuss about on Twitter every now and then (or at the bar, while rolling my eyes). However, every once in a while a project will come along by people who inspire me, who I like to contribute my hard-earned dollars for. My pal Alex Eaves is one of them. He's the creator of Stay Vocal, a brand which I admire and actually have a few items (my fave tote bag) from. Alex is trying to fund a documentary and a quick post seemed like the right avenue to get the word out. Unfortunately the words are not coming out of me; I'm so out of practice lately with the writing, JEEZ.

It'd be awesome if you could help him out. The minimum pledge is a dollar!  Learn more here, at his official Kickstarter site.