BStar in the Inner Richmond Beckons You

One afternoon, months ago, my girl Britney and I met up in the Inner Richmond for Happy Hour. Out of everywhere in SF, why on Earth would we go to the Inner Richmond? Because for some reason I decided to go to my bank's branch out there and Britney lives close-ish by. It was a beautiful Friday afternoon that we both happened to have off, so we decided to get tanked at 4pm. We headed to The Buckshot for some skee-ball, but ended up talking about our never-ending problems (boys) while trying out the home-made watermelon infused vodka (or maybe that was just me?) instead. Inevitably, the time came for a change of scenery, first with a different bar and then for dinner.

BStar for grub it was! Not to be confused with the insanely popular Burma Superstar down the street, but eerily similar (cause they're sister restaurants!), BStar is also an incredibly busy Asian fusion restaurant. When asked if we had reservations, Britney and I were like, "NO, WE DON'T NEED NO RESERVATIONS", and then were seated. Actually we nervously said "no", and then were grudgingly lead to a table anyway, cause SF VIP doesn't need rsvps, yo.

We ordered off the living-frugal-happy-hour-menu (seriously, why go out at night anymore?) and we got some tasty delights to go with our soju cocktails. Every time I look at these pictures, I miss our food. There are  three words describe our dinner - fresh, vibrant and delicious.

Portobello Veggie Fresh Spring Rolls

Grilled Asparagus

Mango Tacos

BStar - into it, can't wait to get back! It's located at 127 Clement Street in the Inner Richmond.