Yes, they may have opened a new Veggie Grill in San Jose, but why would I go there when I could fly down to LA, and eat at their location on the Sunset Strip, like the star that I am?

I kid, I kid. I went down to LA to see No Doubt perform during their seven show residency at the Gibson Amphitheater (December 2nd was MY NIGHT). That trip was the time of my life - not only did I get to see the band I've been obsessed with since I was 14, I ate like a QUEEN. I mean, I ate EVERYTHING! I could actually barely move by the end of my trip, I was so uncomfortable, BUT WHATEVER, that's the gym is for right? To burn off the millions upon millions of calories consumed on vacation?! Yes, that's what I thought.

My friends Jensen and Andrea are a couple of my favorite people in this world (oh, they are just SO MUCH FUN!), and they very generously open up their home to me every time I visit LA! They're totally omnivores, but Jensen was like "Jenny, you gotta try this place called Veggie Grill, it's phenomenal!" He was so enthusiastic for me to eat there, and believe me, I was excited too! So, my childhood friend Gabby and I met up, after not having seen each other since high school, and went there for lunch. The No Doubt show was also that night - I'm sure you can imagine that I was all kinds of stoked.

This is me, on my parent's drive-way in '96 or '97. I'm pretty sure I'm a sophomore in high school here, and I'm imitating Gwen Stefani. You can see I'm also wearing track pants, which were kind of a staple in my wardrobe, since Stefani also wore them frequently. My parent's wouldn't let me bleach my hair back then, so instead I dyed it brown. It's slightly darker than my natural color, in this picture. 

This is me now (well, right before Christmas), with platinum and pink hair, wearing the over-priced concert tee I bought at the show. 

Veggie Grill on the Sunset Strip!

Gabby and I split the Buffalo 'chicken' salad!

We also split the "cheeseburger" with a side of kale salad! 

Everything was scrumptious! I can't wait to go to the location in San Jose - WHO CAN TAKE ME? I'm fun! 

Me and Gabby, post-lunch, at a bar where I called my future husband, Joe, pretending to be a stalker. My other friends Sam and Dan thought it would be JUST HILARIOUS, if I called a dude I never met before in my life, pretending to be a stalker and I pulled it off flawlessly. I terrified not only Joe, but  also myself to be honest!