Flaco's in Berkeley! Let's Binge Eat!

I'm a walking cliche. I live in San Francisco, therefore I mumble and grumble about trips over the Bay. Going down to Redwood City, which takes 50 minutes on Caltrain? NOT A PROBLEM. Going all the way over to Pittsburg/Bay Point, on BART, which also takes about 50 minutes, for a family weekend? NOT A PROBLEM. A measly 20 minute ride to get to Berkeley or Oakland on BART? FML.

That is, until Flaco's came up on my radar. Now you can't keep me from the East Bay.

These are the soyrizo soft tacos, with some taquitos in the background. You should also know that the corn tortillas are house-made! Beware though, the spicy salsa is one of the spiciest sauces I have ever had. I like spicy! I love it! But a few bites into this meal, I was in panic-mode, with tears in my eyes. I ate it all of course, because that's how I do me, but since that episode, I've stuck to the mild. Even the half-mild, half-spicy sauce BURNS.

Let's go! It's right across the street from Ashby BART, close to my new favorite bar, The Starry Plough, and you can even make a trip to Cinnaholic while you're out there. I recommend walking the mile or so over, because those cinnamon rolls are intense.

This is Aimee. She used to be my co-worker, but now she works at Cinnaholic. I miss her terribly, but look how happy she is! (Follow this cutie-pie on Instagram at Aimeekatherine).

This is a Cinnaholic cinnamon roll. It is topped with caramel-macadamia nut frosting, coconut and chocolate chips. Go big or go home, right? RIGHT!