My FAVORITE Vegan Celebrities!

LA Weekly just came out with a list of their favorite top 10 vegan celebrities. This got me thinking, "I love celebrities! Why should LA Weekly have all the fun?" So, speaking on behalf of all the Vegansaurs, I made a top 15 list, in which I actually posted about 17 celebrities! That's how I do me.

Some people love it, some people hate it (And have not hurt my feelings on tumblr. I am better than this. WHY DO THEY TAKE THE FUN OUT OF EVERYTHING. I'm letting it go.) but I'm stoked with it! Man, it took me a week to do. Halfway through, I thought about scrapping the whole thing because it was quite tedious. Now that it's finished, I'm so proud! And when the haters are hating, I say "Calm down, it's just a celebrity list", but really I'm thinking "F@#K you".

Let's be real. The inspiration from this list also came from the fact I spent weeks earnestly contemplating how I could combine my two loves: vegan blogging and No Doubt.

See the list HERE!