If you have ever hashtagged anything as vegan on Instagram, chances are Sean (huggy29) has not only liked your photo, but commented on it as well. This guy knows his vegan food, and because of that, it seems he knows every vegan in town! Now’s our chance return the favor, and we get to rock out at the same time! Sean’s Guns and Roses tribute band The Rocket Queens, are playing tonight (October 17th) at the Elbo Room in San Francisco, and he’s gonna don pleather pants! I’ll definitely be there, with all my closest lady friends. 

That’s Sean in the back, with the pleather vest and sunglasses, pointing at YOU!

Are you getting pumped? I am! I’ll see you there!

The Elbo Room is located in the Mission, at 647 Valencia Street and the show starts at 10p.m. I think it also might be important to let you know that The Rocket Queens are a “Appetite For Destruction ONLY” tribute band, a fact is totally lost on me because I like folky-indie-emo music, which Sean makes fun of me mercilessly for. 

Sean is the only vegan in the band, but don’t let that deter you from not going! The entire band wears only pleather, and want you to know they “are fresh from de-tox and plan to rock you back to 1987. If you got pants as rubbery as a bad batch of seitan, bring ‘em to the Elbo Room in San Francisco!”